Cork International Workshop / Digital Fabrication Lab (U. PORTO)

The DFL associated to the third part of the “Cork Workshop: New Uses” promoted by the FA-ULisbon. Being dedicated to the exploration of new production technologies, the DFL hosted the visit of a group of students that traveled from Lisbon to know about the use of robotic fabrication technologies (Digital Fabrication Lab, 18/07/2016).

Cork International Workshop

The creation of an international workshop focused on the use of cork material in architecture. 
It will run in a three year cycle, organized by themes, according to the type of materials/prototypes that are going to be tested or developed during each workshop: Workshop One/Year One July 2014_Natural Cork - Tradition; Workshop Two/Year Two July 2015_Composite Materials - Industry; Workshop Three/Year Three July 2016–New Materials - Future Technologies.
Workshops will be held annually (in July) proposing different challenges every year.  In the future, it will be a platform for the internationalization of the use of cork as a building envelop material.

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