Dr William Cantú is a professor at the Polytechnic University of Leiria and IADE - European University of Lisbon. He also teaches Trends and Coolhunting at MSKPU in Poland. Holding a Post-Doc in Trend Studies and a PhD in Culture Studies from the University of Lisbon's School of Arts and Humanities, he is an integrated researcher at CEAUL and the co-coordinator of the Laboratory of Trends and Cultural Management. At the Polytechnic University of Leiria, he serves as an assistant researcher at CI&DEI and the coordinator of the Innovation and Cultural Development Club for UNESCO. He previously held roles as a Visiting Professor at CEART - Centre for Art, Design and Fashion at the University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, and at the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw, Poland. Additionally, he was the vice-coordinator of IPAM Lab and coordinator of the Pre-University Programme at the European University of Lisbon. He holds a Master's in Design and Visual Culture and a BA in Design from IADE - Creative University. His main research interests include Trend Studies, Cultural Studies, Sociocultural Innovation, Strategic Cultural Analysis, Contemporary Art, Creativity, and Visual Culture. He has contributed articles and book chapters to peer-reviewed international and national journals. Engaged in research projects, he also works as a designer, artist, and lecturer. As an independent professional, he has executed projects in various countries, enriching his understanding of entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation. He authored a book on trends (Trend Studies and Branding) and has curated exhibitions and participated in artistic and creative projects.

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