William Cantú is an invited Assistant Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria and at the European University of Lisbon (IADE/IPAM). He is also a lecturer in Trends and Coolhunting at MSKPU, in Poland. At the University of Lisbon, he has a Post-Doc in Trend Studies, and a PhD in Culture Studies from the program of Culture and Communication (Trends Studies); he is an integrated researcher at CEAUL and a member of the Laboratory of Trends and Cultural Management. At the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, he is an assistant researcher at CI&DEI, in the research line Education for Entrepreneurship. He was also IPAM Lab vice-coordinator and the coordinator of the Pre-University Programme. He holds a Master's in Design and Visual Culture and a BA in Design from IADE – Creative University. His main research interests are related to Trend Studies; Sociocultural Innovation; Strategic Cultural Analysis, Cultural Mediation; Branding, Visual Culture; and Fashion Theory. He has published articles and book chapters in peer-review international and national journals. He has been participating in research projects while developing activities as a designer, artist and lecturer. As an independent professional, he developed projects in several countries, which brought him closer to the universe of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. He is the author of a book about trends (Trend Studies and Branding) and has been curating diverse exhibitions and participating in various artistic projects.

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