William A. Cantú is a teaching assistant at IPAM LisboaIADE - Universidade Europeia, Portugal, and invited lecturer at MSKPU, Poland. At the University of Lisbon, he is a PhD student in the program of Culture and Communication (Trends Studies); researcher at CEAUL and member of the Laboratory of Trends and Cultural Management. At Universidade Europeia, he is a researcher at UNIDCOM and the coordinator of the Pre-University Programme. He holds a Master in Design and Visual Culture from IADE – Creative University and a BA in Design. His main research interests are related to Trend Studies; Strategic Communication; Visual Culture; Fashion and Branding. He has published articles on Consumer Culture and Trend Studies, highlighting three book chapter on Brand Culture, Fashion and Trend Studies published by Springer. He has been participating in research projects while developing activity as an independent designer and lecturer in trends and communication. He is connected to the Cork International Workshop in partnership with DAL in Canada and FAUL in Lisbon, where there is an exploration of new uses of cork at a multidisciplinary level and deep analysis of the cultural environment related to this sustainable material. As an independent designer, he developed projects from several countries, which brought him closer to the universe of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. He is the author of a book about trends (Trend Studies and Branding), which is the result of his master research regarding trends, fashion branding and communication. Also, he has been curating diverse exhibitions and has been participating in various artistic projects.

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