I identify societal patterns of change in diverse levels such as emotional, behavioural or cultural to predict shifts and understand aacro, micro and nano trends. They represent the sociocultural structured mindset that guides our society.


I use coolhunting as a methodology to detect cultural signals and manifestations focusing on the 'coolness' around the globe. It is a unique tool developed under the trend studies approach to research trends.


The communication approach emerges within design knowledge with contemporary readings of culture. It enables to create value on brands and products to properly manage them strategically.


Research has to be done in a multidisciplinary way within any project. Our approach to research reflects on an ethnographic inspiration practice and its ressignificance as both in loco and digital methodology.


Giving workshops, lectures or even having informal conversations is a tool to disseminate knowledge but also a powerful engine to collect new data and inspiration from different tribes and people. Individually or in group, the mentorim programme intends to develop skills and difuse knowledge regarding cultural production and trends.


In my process, culture is seen as a symbolic fabric that lays within lifestyles and the culturally constituted world. It provides powerful information about tribes, consumers, behaviours, consumer-goods and related manifestations. It is in the cultural field where trends emerge and can be spotted.


My design process is flexible and I am always creating new projects trough mapping the mindsets and behaviour patterns surrounding us.
  • 1. Definition

    Understanding the problems and questions that we will start the development of the research.

  • 2. Coolhunting

    Continuous research to find out the signals that will inspire the analysis and boost the project.

  • 3. Interpretation

    Understanding data to find useful clues and develop strategies for the final outline.

  • 4. Modellation

    Adapting the research material, building coordinates and designing strategies and solutions to the problems.


    I believe in the efectiveness of research to understand mindsets and the cultural landscape to propose new and innovative solutions.

    About me

    My process on creating awesome projects.
    William A. Cantú
    University Professor, Trend Researcher, Coolhunter, Strategic Designer

    PhD in Culture Studies: Trend Studies, Professor, Researcher and Cultural Designer working with national and international brands. Main research interests: Trend Studies, Coolhunting, Strategic Design, Creative Industries, Cultural Mediation, Contemporary Consumption and Branding. MORE

    Trend Research

    I develop research on trends from an interpretive and analytical perspective. The inquiry takes shape within the exploration of patterns of meaning in culture and its interpretation through behaviours, cultural productions and common attitudes, circumscribing communities and all social habits.

    Strategic Design

    I create codes and develop structures for brands, enabling better strategic communication. Reading contemporary visual culture, I promote a better understanding of the complex cultural landscape while using design systems to mediate meanings in society.


    Feel free to drop me a line and contact me.
    • Leiria, Lisbon, Portugal. Available worldwide.

    • williamafonsoc_at_gmail_dot_com

    • @williamacantu

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