I identify societal pattern of change in diverse levels such as emotional, behavioural, cultural or mindsets to be able to predict shifts and create strategic insights.


I use coolhunting as a methodology to detect signals and trends manifestations focusing on the 'coolness' around the globe.


This approach emerges within design knowledge with contemporary and cultural readings to be able to create value on brands and products to properly manage them.


I believe research has to be done in a multidisciplinary way through all the processes. Related to the trend studies and analysis our approach to research reflects on an ethnographic inspiration practice.


Giving workshops, lectures or even having informal conversations is a tool to disseminate knowledge but also a powerful engine to collect new data and inspiration from different tribes and people. Communication!


In my process, culture is seen as the lifestyle of a society which provides powerful information about tribes, consumers and its manifestations. Also, is related to the environment where trends emerge.


My design process is flexible and I am always creating and developing awesome projects trough mapping the mindsets and behaviour patterns surrounding us.
  • 1. Definition

    Understanding the problems and questions that we will work with.

  • 2. Coolhunting

    Continuous research to find the attractive, inspirational and with future growth potential cultural signals that will boost the project.

  • 3. Modellation

    Adapting the research material, building coordinates and development of strategies to solve the problems.

  • 4. Interpretation

    Understanding the data to find useful clues resulting from the application of the proposed solutions trought a model to develop strategies for the final outline.


    I believe in the efectiveness of research to understand mentalities and the zeitgeist.

    About me

    My process on creating awesome projects.
    William A. Cantú
    University Teacher, Researcher, Designer

    PhD cand. in Culture and Communication (Trend Studies). Teaching Assistant at IPAM and at IADE/UE (PT). Invited Teacher at MSKPU (PL). Researcher at CEAUL and UNIDCOM/IADE. Designer working with (inter)national brands. see more


    Feel free to drop me a line to contact me
    • Lisbon, Portugal. Available worldwide.


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