Cork International Workshop Exhibition: Coruche 2016

Exposição Cork International Workshop (FAUL+DAL): Workshops 1 e 2.

Cristina is in Portugal for the summer. She has been involved with the creation of an exhibition titled Cork: new uses in Architecture– Coruche. The exhibition, which opened in May at Observatório do Sobreiro e da Cortiça em Coruche (Portugal), is the result of two editions of an international workshop focused on the use of cork as a material in architecture. The workshops took place in the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon University in July 2014 and July 2015, proposing different challenges each year. This research aims to be a platform for the internationalisation of the use of cork as a building envelope material. A third workshop will take place in July.
Cork: new uses in Architecture
The exhibition is divided into three main themes that reflect the topics of the workshops: “Cork as a membrane,” “Cork as a cladding” and “Cork as self-supported.” The work is a result of the collaboration between students, professors, lecturers, and monitors, and is supported by Coruche Municipality in Portugal. It is open to the public until September 2016 (DAL News, 22/06/2016).

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