UOY — Uncover the Original You

UOY is a European men’s fashion brand specialized in made to measure clothing. Our garments exhibit the most traditional Portuguese tailor-made knowledge and some of the finest original Italian and English fabrics. We are changing the way men everywhere interpret fashion and style making contemporary menswear easy and affordable. And we’re not the ones that are saying that. Our customers are.
You are your own creation! By saying this we’re telling you that our service is not just about providing the best tailored garment but also recreating your own identity and uniqueness in the clothes we make for you. And this is not just a cool sentence to fulfill an introduction page. This is our motto. Our Personal Tailors will drive you trough a universe of fabrics, components and details and you’ll feel that whatever UOY’s product you’re choosing… It’s also yours.
UOY (2018)

Durante o período em que trabalhei como brand keeper na UOY, desenvolvi diversificados projetos variados como design de conteúdos para a marca UOY, produção gráfica multidisciplinar, gestão da marca, gestão cultural da marca, entre outros. Os projeto tiveram desenvolvimento entre setembro de 2016 e dezembro de 2017 e abaixo seguem imagens que resumem algumas propostas desenvolvidas.

Evento UOY / Dezembro 2016

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Produção Gráfica
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